Project Partners

ATEKNEA Solutions Malta Limited

ImprimirAteknea Solutions provides business and technological excellence to small and medium-sized enterprises to develop their ideas into profitable innovative solutions. By operating at a European level for over 15 years, Ateknea aims to assist SMEs in transforming their ideas into real marketable products and services for their success. Ateknea Solutions relies on the engineering and scientific solutions developed by more 100 research engineers and scientists, and 30 PhDs covering a wide range of knowledge areas. By offering tailor-made services for innovation, such as project management, business development and fundraising; the company is also leader in its field throughout the European Union: more than 170 innovation projects signed, more than 600 SMEs involved and more than 25 European countries represented. Nowadays, Ateknea Solutions offers its technological capacities and business approach in five different locations: Western Europe (Barcelona Office), Central Europe (Brussels Delegation), Eastern Europe (Budapest Office), Northern Europe (Krakow Office) and Southern Europe (Valletta Office).

Bottos SRL

BOTTOS_Logo_colore verde

BOTTOS is a small Italian company with 15 employees and more than 5 million € annual turnover. The company was founded in 1848 and since then we have always been active in the world of agricultural seed and fertilizer marketing. Since the early 1990’s we have shifted our main focus on the market of turf grass. We aim at developing and testing new turf grass products and services in order to (a) maintain our market advantage, (b) increase our market and (c) maintain our reputation as a highly technical Company. We have turf grass research plots at our Head Office grounds where we test new turf grass varieties and new fertilizers. We have a R&D Department (headed by F. Ingegnoli) through which we carry out field experiments at several sod farms throughout Italy. We work with several University researchers for the organization of specific turf grass courses.

Production Trade and Service Company Arthaus Doo import-export Skopje

ARTHAUS_logoARTHAUS was established in 2002 and is based in Skopje, Macedonia. ARTHAUS are an IT services company that focuses on delivering high-quality, efficient and custom software solutions to small and medium sized companies around the world. Currently it has 17 employees. Their 60+ customers are small and medium sized companies. They come from various geographical locations, but majority are based in USA and Australia. Our customers are typically IT companies providing products & services to diverse industries. Key areas we have experience in are Industrial Monitoring and Manufacturing, CMS and E-commerce. They have also expanded lately with development of range of products on our own and in partnership with companies from Australia, which we see as next key growth area for Arthaus. They have also previously participated in TACMON EU funded project (Development of a low-cost Interactive Graphical Tactile Display capable of displaying textual and graphical information as an advanced user interface for the visually impaired) as a software developer  SME.

Tecmic-Tecnologias de Microelectronica SA

tecmic_blue72_RGBTecmic was founded in 1988 with initial activities in the field of ASIC and FPGA development, aimed principally at Portuguese industrial customers. A few years later Tecmic shifted its focus onto fleet & logistics management based on GPS, and which now comprises our core business. Our vertically-integrated solutions are developed entirely in-house – our development team possesses solid know-how in AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), on-board systems, integration with peripherals, and communications systems. We have grown consistently over the years and currently employ 40 people. We also focus strongly on R&D activities – as such since our foundation we have participated in a total of approximately 20 EU or nationally-funded projects in a variety of fields, such as microelectronics, environmental management, management of natural disasters, and healthcare.

Plantec Societa Agricola SRL

Plantec_logoPLANTEC started activities by 1996 and is a very active sod farming concern that puts R&D at the centre of their production and commercial choices. Since 1996, they have established themselves as the leading sod farm in southern Italy. Now they have 7 employees. They always turned to the world of turf grass science and of innovation and our goal is to be active in research in order to maximise our product’s quality while decreasing the agronomical and chemical productive inputs. For the last 3 years PLANTEC has been managing the turf grass collection (over 40 turf grass species in field plots) of the University of Bari. They also partake with the University of Potenza in a research program funded by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policies on the evaluation of warm season turf grass species for the Mediterranean area.

Richter Rasen Slovakia SRO

R-LogoSch_g-1RICHTER RASEN GMBH is an Austrian family business focused on natural turf grass production since 1906. Already many important innovations have been made over 60 years for advanced quality in grass i.e. testing and development of European turf grass cultivars, plant populations and perfect root zone composition for the game of football, golf courses and house gardens. Currently Richter executes research activities focused on going cultivar and variety testing of natural turf grass species warm and cool season types in severe continental climate (winterkill, disease tolerance, and drought) and the study of combination with IPM program and nutrient uptake of different species. In the turf sector RICHTER is considered a main player in its region with its 25 employees and more than 1 million € turnover.

Ostfold Gress AS

OSTLocated in central south east Norway (65 km from Oslo), with 7 employees, 2 million € turnover and an annual production of c. 100 ha sod, Østfold Gress is Norway’s leading sod company. We are always looking for new technologies to make our production more efficient and profitable, and to ascertain the quality of the turf that is delivered to our professional and private customers. We believe that satellite-based information systems may become a valuable tool for quality assurance. From 2010 to present, Østfold Gress hosted and funded the research project ‘Turfgrass establishment from sod: Effects of fertilizer type, biostimulants, sod age and sod washing. We have also been actively involved in a project testing herbicides for selective control of Poa annua in sod production of Poa pratensis.

Edma Innova SL

EDMA logotipEDMA Innova is an SME that started as a spin-off company of the University of Girona. As a private research centre based in Spain, it focuses on innovation with special focus on electronics and information technologies. As a young innovation focused company, it is formed by 5 full-time researchers coming from the University of Girona in the field of innovation, public and private, for more than 7 years, and who have participated in different EU funded projects since FP5. The motivation of EDMA Innova is to be a catalyst for innovation in the region of Girona (north of Spain, Catalonia) and to encourage Spanish SME companies to gain competitive positions by means of state of the art innovation. EDMA are currently participating in two other FP7 projects: UnderSafe and Equisafe.

Turf Europe SRL


Turf Europe is a small spin-off of the University of Pisa and supply highly specialized consultancy and research and development for companies involved in the turf grass world. Given their special field of expertise, the company is formed by 2 turf specialists, and through a special agreement also has access to the university’s resources. Their work is based on the solid scientific background gained by our staff, PhD and professors of the agronomy department of University of Pisa, providing Consultancy and Research & Development in all areas of the turf grass world (sports, ornamental, environmental). Their work involves also field test validation of private company’s products which are willing to be accredited by specialized centres.