M21 meeting

The M21 meeting was held in Marina di Ginosa, and was hosted by SME partner PLANTEC (Southern Italy) on the 20th October 2015. During this technical meeting both technical as well as exploitation and dissemination issues were discussed. The exploitation committee discussed the dissemination activities that were planned for the final three months.

Mr Agius presented the technical work finished so far by the RTD partners. The progress of MS2 (Final data and statistical analysis on turf measurement) and MS5 (SodSat software), and the purchase of satellite images were discussed in detail. It was agreed that a prototype of the system would be provided to TECMIC before the end of the project, in order to allow for the process of technology transfer. In order to cover the entire field, an additional system would also be provided to SMEs OST and RICHTER. On the other hand Dr Pons from EDMA presented the work finished so far on the user interface and expert system. Finally Dr Lulli from Turfe presented the results of the reflectance test on the farms of end user SMEs Plantec, Richter and Ost. Dr Lulli also briefed the consortium about current and planned dissemination activities, specifically the publication of technical articles on trade magazines in the coming months.

A visit to the first installation at Plantec was carried out. The hardware was demonstrated in the field of SME PLANTEC. Further demonstrations were also carried out on the expert system as part of the training of the RTDs to the SMEs.