SodSat provides remote precision management of turf grass sod production by means of artificial intelligence and satellite imaging.

 SodSat will incorporate the following innovative features:
  • Access to satellite imaging for turf grass monitoring of extended areas.
  • Translation of image into agronomical information that can be used by farmers and agronomists, based on the thorough calibration and validation to be carried out on turf grass species during the project.
  • Automatic input for turf grass monitoring through the use of different wavelength and artificial vision.
  • On-field climatic sensing for direct measurements of leaf wetness, evapotranspiration, air temperature, soil temperature at different depths, irradiation and wind speed, among others.
  • Expert assistance to provide the most adequate management for turf grass production, including environmental forecast.
  • Intelligent recommendations applied to a specific environment, using specific terrain information and past experiences for adequate support.
  • Access to human specialized feedback when needed.
  • Recommendations for estimation of tendencies for disease and pest conditions.
  • Information exchange with community (pest evolutions and information on possible remedies).